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Multiple Blasts Target Hazara Across Various Cities In Afghanistan

Multiple explosions rocked Afghanistan last week targeting mostly a specific group of people, the Shia Hazara.

On April 22, over 33 people were killed in a mosque in the Imam Sahib town of Kunduz. Among the dead were children and most of the worshippers who came for Friday prayers were killed.


On April 21, 12 people were killed and over 100 injured in a bomb blast at the prominent Shia mosque Seh Dokan in Mazar Sharif. Another roadside bomb went off in the Shia neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi injuring two children. In Nangarhar and Kunduz, roadside bombs targeted Taliban vehicles injuring 11 people.

On Tuesday April 19, 3 explosions took place at a high school in the Shia Hazara neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi, West Kabul. More than 25 were killed, most of them young school boys.

The explosions took place outside Abdul Rahim Shahid high-school killing more than 25 (on ground sources say more than 30, and some even say over 170 killed), and injuring many more. Photos emerge of dead bodies scattered outside school gates and textbooks covered in blood.

Prior to these bombings, an explosion also took place at the Mumtaz school which tutors boys and girls for entrance exams.

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  • Zainab Rights

    Zainab Rights is a Muslim American Journalist and Editor in Chief at TMJ News Network. She holds a double degree in Political Science and Homeland Security and a Masters in Journalism from Harvard University. She has over 12 years of experience in political commentary, writing and video production.

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