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Saudi Arabia and UAE Prevent the Arab Summit From Pressuring Israel into a Ceasefire


Saudi Arabia alongside neighboring UAE, the two Muslim-majority countries widely expected to stand up for the people of Palestine, has blocked a proposal aimed at the Islamic-Arab summit to sever all ties with the Israeli Regime. 

The proposal sought to sever all diplomatic and economic relations with Tel-Aviv, deny Arab airspace to the Israeli flights and even use their massive oil produce to threaten the Israeli regime as a means of leverage. This was initially planned to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.

The proposal was dismissed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Mauritania and Djibouti. 

Two delegates who were present at the summit told the Reuters news agency that Algeria had “moved a proposal seeking a complete cut in ties with Israel. ” Other Arab countries, however, declined, citing the need to keep channels of communication open with Tel Aviv in the wake of the “crises” which has as the Israeli Regime continues its onslaught on the people of Occupied Palestine. 

Saudi Arabia was scheduled to host a meeting for the organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on November 11, and the Arab League Summit on November 12. Due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Saudi Kingdom hosted a combined summit in Riyadh. 

Saudi Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was also reported saying that the responsibility lies with the Israel Occupation Entity for the “crimes committed against the Palestinian people.” The way forward to end the crisis requires an immediate ceasefire, he added.

An Iranian head of state was also present in the summit for the first time after China brokered a truce between the two countries. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reportedly asked the gathering of Islamic countries to “designate the Israeli military as a terrorist organization.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stated that an international peace conference should be called to find a long term solution to the escalating war on Palestine by the Israeli regime. “What we need in Gaza is not pauses for a couple of hours, rather we need a permanent ceasefire,” he said. 

The summit held representatives of 57 Muslim-majority nations. Joko Widodo, president of Indonesia said “the OIC must use all fronts to hold Israel accountable for the humanitarian atrocities it has committed.”

The death toll in Gaza has now risen to over 11,000 in the wake of a collapsed health care system with hundreds of thousands displaced and a lack of basic necessities including food and drinking water.

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  • Zamena Manekia Manji

    Zamena Manekia Manji is a breaking news writer for TMJ News with experience of over 10 years in the field. Her areas of focus are important breaking stories in North America specifically untold stories from a minority lens.

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