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TMJ News Network is an American independent media outlet with a God centric lens.

TMJ News balances hard news with human interest stories through a network of storytellers representing the voices of marginalized communities and unheard stories. 

TMJ News Network aims to give a home to the untapped talent that already exists within our communities and cultivate a dynamic collective from around the world. TMJ News is governed by the principles of truth, accuracy and transparency. 

TMJ’s primary focus will be on storytelling human interest pieces, featured national news stories, issues that impact the Muslim community and taking a deeper look into Islamic History in order to make modern day connections. With powerful journalism, we are dedicated to becoming a major platform in showcasing the truth about an often targeted and marginalized community. 

We hope that with the support of our readers, viewers and contributors we are successful in elevating our community’s stories through in-depth journalism, soul-transforming ideas and research-based critical analysis.

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