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Saudi Arabia to Gift Rolls Royce Phantom to all its Football Members While Starving Yemen

The arguably extravagant gifts over the victory of just one match comes in the wake of Saudi Arabia's neighboring country Yemen falling towards the brink of starvation and poverty for the eighth year in a row. Ravaged by a war orchestrated by Saudi Arabia itself, a staggering three hundred thousand plus number of civilians, including women and children have lost their lives.

Iran Shuts Out Wales in a 2-0 Victory after its Players Sing Anthem 

Just a few days ago, it was reported that Iran's World Cup team refused to sing the national anthem to show solidarity with the anti-government protests, a move many believe to be due to intimidation. However, this morning the team was seen mouthing along to the anthem just before the kickoff against Wales. Iran shutout Wales in a 2-0 victory.
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