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2 Muslim Teens Killed by Indian Police, Activist’s Home Razed

Violence on Muslims in India intensifies as protests continue in the wake of the insults made by two BJP government leaders against Prophet Mohamed. In an attempt to disperse the crowds on June 10 in the East Jharkhand capital of Ranchi, police react with violence, opening fire and killing two Muslim teenagers.

The deaths of the two teenagers,  14-year-old Mudasir and 19-year-old Sahil Ansari have only sparked further outrage in Ranchi. Residents accuse the police of using “disproportionate force” against Muslim protesters.

The government has also imposed restrictions such as mobile internet services for security measures. Viral videos show police opening fire on Muslims with one woman being dragged by her hijab by a female police officer in Kerala. Some videos showed police beating the protesters with sticks and even arresting them.

In the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, a young Muslim activist Afreen Fatima’s home was bulldozed by Indian authorities. She has called it “an act of vendetta.”

A large group of police donned in riot gear encircled the house of Afreen Fatima as the earthmovers razed her home to rubble. Dozens of media people recorded the demolition.

After the Friday protests, police raided the house of Afreen Fatima and took away her parents and sister. Her father Mohamed Javed, a politician of a Muslim Party, was charged with rioting. The police accused him of being the mastermind behind the protests in Prayagraj. Afreen Fatima’s mother and sister were later released on Sunday after being illegally detained for over 30 hours.

BJP spokesperson said Uttar Pradesh’s chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered the officials to demolish any “illegal” establishments and homes of people accused of involvement in the protests.

Fatima rejected all claims made against her house being illegal, citing that they have been paying their taxes for 20 years. Furthermore they were never warned by any development authorities that their house was illegal. She even stated that her family did not partake in the Friday protests.

Two other houses belonging to Muslims were also demolished in Uttar Pradesh during the weekend.

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