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US Launches Airstrikes on At Least 85 Targets in Iraq and Syria, with Jordan Expected to Join the Military Operation

The US Military launched airstrikes on at least 85 targets in western Iraq and eastern Syria on Friday with 125 precision-guided missiles, according to US officials. The headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) was also targeted in Qaim on the Syrian-Iraqi border, an Iraqi security source confirmed. 

American sources say that the aggression against Syria and Iraq is expected to last several days, with Jordan expected to join the operation “in solidarity with the US.”

The Palestinian Mujahideen Movement condemned the American aggression sites in Syria and Iraq, saying that “The United States continues its aggression and arrogance towards the peoples of our nation to protect the zionist criminals and prevent any ethical military intervention to stop the genocides committed by the zionist entity against the people of Gaza or even to break the siege and the brutal policy of starvation implemented against them. This new aggression reveals the lies of the American administration and its pursuit to intensify the war and the continuation of the zionists in more massacres against the Gaza Strip, contrary to its claims otherwise. 

“We affirm that the zionist entity, the occupation, and the American bases in the Arab and Islamic region are the source of evil, terrorism, devastation, and evil. We call on the masses of the nation and its living forces to unite in confronting and resisting the enemies of the nation, injustice, arrogance, and American hegemony.”

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