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US Airstrikes Attacks Kill 16 People in Iraq

16 people have been killed by the US in a barrage of bombings in Iraq. The Iraqi government has condemned the attack, calling it a “new aggression against its sovereignty.”

Civilians were killed with 25 others wounded in the bombings that targeted both civilian and security areas according to a government spokesperson. 

The attacks followed shortly after the Biden administration accused the Islamic Resistance in Iraq for bombing a U.S military base in Jordan, which they claim is a group backed by Iran. 

Iran on the other hand has heavily condemned the US airstrikes on Iraq and Syria, calling them a “strategic mistake,” and a “violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two countries, international law and the US Charter,” which are repeatedly violated by the US.

“Last night’s attack on Syria and Iraq is an adventurous act and another strategic mistake by the American government, which will have no result other than the escalation of tension and instability in the region,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kana’an said on Saturday, Feb. 3.

Kana’ani spoke of “the full support of the United States for four months of relentless and brutal attacks by the Zionist regime against the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as military attacks on Yemen and violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.”

According to Kana’ani the US military aggressions on Iraq, Syria and Yemen seem to accomplish the goals of the Israeli Regime, citing that they will “embroil the US government in the region more than before and overshadow the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates the responsibility of the international community and the United Nations Security Council in preventing illegal and unilateral US attacks in the region and the expansion of the scope of the crisis,” he added. 

“As the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stated, the root of the tension and crisis in the region is the occupation of the Israeli regime and the continuation of its military operations in Gaza and the genocide of the Palestinians with the unlimited support of the United States,” he said.

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