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$30 billion Transportation Giant Kuehne+Nagel Formally Announces the Termination of its Business Relationships with Israeli Weapons Manufacturer Elbit Systems

Transportation giant Kuehne & Nagel (K+N) announced the termination of its business relationships with Elbit Systems, the zionist entity’s largest weapons manufacturer due to a series of direct actions by Palestinian Action including breaking windows, spray painting inside and other acts. 

Pal Action learned about K+N through a whistleblower who said that the company transported drone technology from Elbit UAV Tactical Systems factory in Leicester. The company also transported weapons to Apartheid-era South Africa, which was also facilitated by the Zionist entity. 

Pal Action says that the termination of relations with Elbit by K+N signifies the public relations risks companies can run into by associating themselves with Elbit. 

A Palestine Action spokesperson said that “all companies associated with Israeli weapons makers Elbit Systems must follow suit and end their links with Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. Palestine Action will continue to target all those who facilitate the production of Elbit’s weaponry, which is ‘battle-tested’ on the Palestinian people. In solidarity with Palestine, we will not stop until Elbit ceases to exist.”

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