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Yemen Armed Forces Seize Norwegian Ship Heading to Israel

Yemen’s Armed Forces continue to wage a maritime war against the Israeli Regime following the Zionist entity’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip. This time, Yemen Armed Forces have captured a Norwegian-flagged oil tanker after issuing multiple warning calls which the Norwegian crew reportedly rejected. 

Yemen Armed Forces Spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Saree further confirmed that the naval forces of the Yemen Armed Forces targeted an oil tanker with a missile strike.

“In support of our Palestinian people, amid their grave plight, who are currently facing death, destruction, and siege in the Gaza Strip, and in response to the calls of the free people of Yemen and the free people of our Ummah, the naval forces have executed a top-tier military operation against the Norwegian ‘Strinda’ ship,” he stated. 

The Norwegian-flagged ship contained oil which was heading to the ports of the Israeli occupation.

The US CENTCOM previously stated that “the Motor Tanker STRINDA was attacked by what is assessed to have been an Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASCM).” This was reportedly launched from Yemen’s Ansarullah controlled area, passing through the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Earlier today, December 12, the British Maritime Trade Operations Department also confirmed that a fire broke out on a ship adjacent to the  Bab al-Mandab Strait, off the Yemeni coast. However, no one was harmed. 

On Sunday December 10th 2023, the Yemeni Armed forces announced that they will effectively halt all ships heading towards the Occupation Entity with no regards to their nationality, until the humanitarian needs for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are met.

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