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Israeli Airstrikes Target the Families of Four Gazan Journalists

The 65 year old father of Al-Jazeera’s Palestinian journalist Anas al-Sharif was killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted  his family home in northern Gaza.

“My beloved father has become a martyr. To God we belong and to Him we shall return,” al-Sharif wrote.

Al Jazeera News Network released a statement condemning the striking of the journalist’s home. “The Network expresses its deepest condolences to our colleague Anas and his family. Al Jazeera urges the international community and humanitarian organizations to urgently intervene and halt the Israeli occupation forces’ brutal targeting of both journalists and civilians in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

Al-Sharif is now the fourth Al Jazeera journalist whose family members were killed by the Israeli regime. The journalist  then confirmed that the rest of his family members were seeking refuge in an UNRWA school but his father, Jamal could not evacuate due to health reasons. Al Sharif then stated that he will continue to work and report on the Israeli’s onslaught in the Gaza Strp that has now killed more than 18,200 people in a span of two months.

“We buried my father’s body in the schools people are sheltering in here because we are unable to move or leave this area right now,” he said. 

“But despite all of this, and despite the targeting of my home and the killing of my father, I will continue to cover Jabalia refugee camp and northern Gaza,” he added.

Al-Jazeera Arabic’s correspondent Wael Dahdouh also lost his wife, son, daughter and granddaughter in an Israeli airstrike on the Nuseirat Refugee Camp.

The Israeli Regime then targeted Al-Jazeera’s broadcast engineer, Mohamed Abu al-Qumsan’s family. He lost 19 family members, including his father and two sisters who were in the Jabalia Refugee Camp on October 31, 2023.

On December 6th 2023, Moamen Al Sharafi, a correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic also lost 22 members of his family in an Israeli air strike on the Jabalia refugee camp.

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