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While 153 countries Vote for Ceasefire at the UN, Israel Says War on Gaza Will Continue

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has officially passed “a non-binding, symbolic resolution to call for an  “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza. While the US and the Israeli Regime voted against it, a staggering 153 countries voted in favor of an end to the Occupation Entity’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip which has now killed over 18,200 in a span of 68 days. 

10 countries voted against it and 23, including the UK, abstained.

Ambassadors and diplomats burst into rounds of applause as the vote count flashed across the screen which showed a much higher count than the October 27th resolution that called for a “humanitarian truce.” 121 countries voted in favor, 14 against and 44 abstained.

Countries such as France, China, India and Japan all voted in favor of an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Palestinian territory. Austria, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and the US all voted against the humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza while countries such as Argentina, the UK, Malawi, South Sudan and Uruguay chose to abstain.

While Canada, Japan, Burundi and Ethiopia had abstained on October 27, they voted ‘yes’ yesterday. 

However, despite the overwhelming number of countries probing for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Israeli Regime has confirmed that the war will wage on regardless of international support. 

 The Israeli regime’s foreign minister Eli Cohen said on Wednesday that the war on Gaza will persist regardless of international support.

“Israel will continue the war against Hamas with or without international support,” Cohen said as quoted by Reuters. “A ceasefire at the current stage is a gift to the terrorist organization Hamas, and will allow it to return and threaten the residents of Israel,” he  said on Wednesday December 12, 2023.

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