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West Bank Observes Strike Following Assasination of Senior Palestinian Resistance Leader in Lebanon

The Occupied West Bank is observing a general strike to mark the assassination of the Senior Palestinian Resistance Official, Saleh al-Arouri, who was killed in a targeted Israeli attack in Lebanon on Tuesday Jan. 2, 2024. 

Businesses, banks, commercial facilities and public institutions have shut down including the disruption of Transport with partial cancellations. 

Arouri was the deputy chairman of the Palestinian Resistance’s political bureau and the chief of the organization’s operations in the West Bank. Arouri was killed in Beirut, Lebanon, alongside six others. 

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati called the explosion in Beirut a “new Israeli crime.”

According to a political activist from Hebron, the occupied cities are in a state of “sadness and mourning” over Arouri’s killing.  

“It was a cowardly crime, and especially here in Hebron it is sad, this city embraced Arouri for a long time. This strike demonstrates people’s support for the resistance and their feelings against the occupation’s crimes in Gaza and in the West Bank,” he said.

“What happened shows that the occupation failed and did not achieve any success in Gaza, forcing them to go into Beirut instead. It was an organized war crime in our beloved Lebanon. We call on everyone all over the world to hold Israel accountable in international courts.” he added. 

Israeli officials have continuously vowed to attack Palestinian Resistance leaders outside Palestinian territories including Lebanon, Qatar and Turkey following the wake of the Oct.7 attack on the occupation territory. 

On Tuesday evening, people flocked the streets of Ramallah, Arouri’s birthplace, denouncing the Israeli Regime. Several were heard hailing Arouri’s Resistance against “Israel” during the protest. 

Arouri was imprisoned by the Israeli Regime for 18 years and was released in 2010 before being deported to Syria. 

He then lived in Beirut but was labeled as a terrorist by the US in 2015 and had a $5 million US bounty on his head. 

His assassination has sparked outrage against the Israeli Regime by both the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance.

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