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Harvard President Forced to Resign Despite Her Pandering to Zionists

Harvard President Claudine Gay officially resigned on Tuesday Jan. 2 in the wake of severe backlash from a collective congressional testimony on plagiarism, as well as fierce criticism of the University’s response to Israel’s war on Gaza. Gay’s tenure of just six months, is the shortest in Harvard’s history.

Back in November 2023, Gay had heavily criticized the pro-Palestinian slogan “from the river to the sea” and referred to other phrases that she considered as “similarly hurtful“ in an e-mail she sent to the university community. 

“Our community must understand that phrases such as ‘from the river to the sea’ bear specific historical meanings that to a great many people imply the eradication of Jews from Israel and engender both pain and existential fears within our Jewish community,” she wrote.

Several pro-Israelis deemed the slogan as “violence against Israel and a rejection of Israel’s right to exist,” but Palestinians have expressed that it is only a call for independence from the Israeli occupation and a cry for Palestinians to reclaim their land.

Despite Gay’s stance against Palestinian sentiment, she found herself embroiled in walk outs, student sit ins, organized protests and “scandal after scandal” by Pro-Palestinian students.

Zionists including donors pressured for her removal or resignation such as Harvard donor Bill A. Ackman ’88, Rep. Elise M. Stefanik ’06 (R-N.Y.), and conservative activist Christopher F. Rufo. Due to donors halting their financial contributions to Harvard sparked serious internal concern among Harvard’s fundraising staff because philanthropy accounts for half of the university’s revenue.

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