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More than 103 Killed in Twin Terror Attack in Kerman, Iran

103 people have been killed and another 188 injured, in two blasts adjacent to the burial site of Iran’s General Qasse-m Sole-imani in the city of Kerman, Iran,  as people gathered to mark his fourth martyrdom anniversary. 

Medical services fear that the death toll is likely to rise, citing that some of the injured are in critical condition. 

According to Iranian Media reports, the first blast exploded roughly 700 meters away from the grave of Gene-ral Sole-imani and the second around one kilometer away. 

The sources further reported that two bags packed with explosives which were detonated led to the explosions.

Iran’s Red Crescent Society also said that three rescuers lost their lives in the second blast.

Iranian officials have confirmed that all the injured have been transferred to hospitals and the situation is under control.

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said that a “crushing response will soon be given to the culprits.”

According to the minister, the second blast is what killed most of the people. An investigation into the blasts has now been launched with promises of releasing details as soon as possible.

The Israeli Regime’s former Prime Minister’s Son Hanania Naftali took to social media to make a mockery of the attacks in Iran, as he reported of the attack then added, “what beautiful weather it is outside.”

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei blamed the attack on terrorists “by the world’s arrogance who harbor deep grudges against General Soleim-ani.

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