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US House Rejects $17 Billion Aid to Israel

The United States House of Representatives has rejected a Republican-led bill which sought to provide $17.6 billion assistance to the Israeli regime that would also assist Ukraine and allow more money for border security. 

The Israeli Regime is one of the largest recipients of US foreign aid, but was denied funds with the bill’s opponents citing that it was a “Republican ploy to distract from their opposition to the $118bn Senate bill combining an overhaul of US immigration policy and new funding for border security.”

House Democratic leaders labeled the Israel bill a “nakedly obvious and cynical attempt.”

The Pentagon has also halted arm shipments to Kyviv despite Ukraine struggling with ammunition and personnel shortages. 

“Every week, every month that passes without new aid to Ukraine means fewer artillery shells, fewer air defense systems, fewer tools for Ukraine to defend itself against this Russian onslaught,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, the Israel bill’s supporters stated that this was not a political stunt, but rather, a way to support the Israeli Regime in its military operation against Gaza. Nearly 30,000 people in Occupied Palestine have been kil-led by Israeli operations since October 7, 2023

Some Democrats have also condemned the House bill for failing to provide humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians, following a massive shortage of food and humanitarian aid heavily restricted by the Israeli Regime.

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