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Ansarallah Leader Says US Ships are Hiding Identity to Escape Attacks at Red Sea

In the wake of escalating attacks in the Red Sea, the Yemeni Armed Forces leader, Sayed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, has said that American-owned ships are sailing non-American flags in a quest to camouflage their identity, mirroring the actions of the Israeli owned ships, hoping to avoid attacks from Yemen’s pro-Palestine maritime war.

He further stated that such actions “stem from Ansar.allah’s message which has achieved “clear” and “tangible” results manifesting “in true liberation, dignity, honor, independence, and effectiveness” of strategy.

The Yemen Armed Forces leader further mentioned that the secret to the movement’s success is spreading awareness among its followers, which has ensured it to remain “resilient, steadfast, and highly ready to sacrifice in the face of challenges.”

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