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Scores of Israeli Occupation Officers Resign from Army

The Israeli occupation army is currently facing an unprecedented uptick in resignations, posing additional challenges for the already dysfunctional army in the wake of its brutal war against Gaza. 

According to Israeli media sources, among those who resigned are Hagari’s second in command, Colonel Butbol, as well Colonel Moran Katz and even the army’s International Spokesman Lieutenant Richard Hecht.

“A large number of officers recently announced their retirement from the unit responsible for the military’s information system,” the Israeli regime media stated. 

Several female officers have also resigned from the army.

The resignations allegedly came “after things did not work out ‘professionally and personally.”

An Israeli correspondent said, “The picture is complex, since it is a military system and sometimes people reach retirement age and leave for no particular reason, but despite this, the number of people who retire at once during a war is unusual,” the correspondent said. 

“The army is in need of manpower now. It’s not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of mathematics,” the Israeli regime’s defense minister Yaov Gallant said.

The occupation entity is also accumulating massive losses from its ongoing onslaught in Gaza “The situation is simply not good and does not match the threat map,” an Israeli media source reported on Mar. 1, 2024.

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