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Palestinian Resistance Condemns Arab Nations for Hypocricy as Ramadan Approaches

The Military spokesman for the Palestinian Resistance, Abu Hamza, has released a statement in the wake of the Israeli regime’s brutal war on Gaza, condemning the Arab nations for their negligence and lack of support for the Palestinians. 

“There is no excuse for anyone to neglect the battle that we are waging on behalf of the Islamic ummah [community], especially those who own armies, planes and artillery. Isn’t it time for you to mobilize your artillery like the free people in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq? Is it not time for you to take off the garment of humiliation and enslavement to America, the Great Satan, and follow the example of the honorable?’’ Abu Hamza asked.

He then lashed at the Arab nations for not supporting the Palestinian Resistance despite being Muslims. “We say to the Arabs and Muslims, just as you turn to Allah with obligatory prayers and fasting, turn to Palestine with weapons and the obligation of jihad,” he added.

He then confirmed that the Palestinian Resistance will continue the battle “no matter how long it lasts.”

The Palestinian Resistance spokesperson then said, “We declare the continuation of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle on the basis of Unity of the Fields in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Let the enemy know that we are with Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, one front in peace and war, partners in destiny and decision-making.”

Abu Hamza later addressed his statement to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu saying “Our message to the enemy and the leader of the herd, Netanyahu, is that the issue of ‘the day after’ in Gaza is determined by none other than the Palestinian Resistance.”

“Let Ramadan be a month of horror and anxiety for the occupation, and we call for the first day of Ramadan to be a day of global mobilization in all fields. Attack the checkpoints, confront the enemy, and intensify the strikes,” the Palestinian spokesperson concluded.

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