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10 Year Old Boy with Cerebral Palsy Starved to Death by Israel

Harrowing images of a 10-year-old Palestinian boy starved to death by the Israeli regime has sparked global outrage, condemning the occupation entity for deliberately starving the entire population of Gaza. 

10-year-old Yazan Sharif Al-Kafarna was killed due to acute starvation imposed by the “Israeli” regime, as famine spreads across the Strip at an alarming rate. 

Yazan weighed only 5 kilograms at the time of his death. His mother reported that the lack of nutritional materials and good food was the leading cause of his deterioration, adding that Yazan also suffered from Cerebral Palsy.

One of Yazan’s family members, Mohammad, stated, “We were displaced from the city of Beit Hanoun at the beginning of the war, then we sought refuge in Jabalia Camp, then to Al-Nusseirat Camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, and after that in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.”

“For this child, who was suffering from several diseases, the war came and took away all the basic essentials that could have given him life. We could not find medicine for him or anything that could have kept him alive.”

“Yazan turned into a skeleton in this war. Hunger gnawed at his body. We could not provide anything for him due to the siege and the war,” he added.

Yazan was in dire need of special medications which his father was unable to find due to the crippling blockade of humanitarian and medical aid imposed by the Israeli regime in Gaza. Yazan was also receiving a special food and nutrition program, which he no longer had access to following the “Israeli” regime’s siege. 

Mohammed then directed a message to the world: “We direct our message to the international community and the free people of the world: What are you waiting for? At least ensure the right to life for children. You claim to be people of justice and equality. We have reached famine and disaster.'”

“Know well that death is not in the form of a shell and missile, but it looms over us in all forms, and what happened with Yazan is a slow death. The barbaric war against the children of Gaza and civilians must be stopped,” he added.

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