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Palestinian Resistance Confronts and Captures Elite Special Unit Israeli Soldiers

The Palestinian Resistance is persistently confronting Israeli soldiers for the 232nd day in a row, resulting in massive casualties among the Occupation sources. 

The videos revealed that among the Israeli forces captured by the Palestinian Resistance, their clothing and weapons belong to the Shayetet Unit 13, which is believed to be the highest unit in the Israeli army. The weapons shown in the video are the Czech CZ Scorpion EVo, which is used only by elite special units.

Notably, the al-Qassam Brigades carried out a rather difficult operation in the Jabalia refugee camp, Spokesman Abu Obeida said. He stated that resistance fighters killed, injured and took Israeli soldiers as captives by luring them into a tunnel, then ambushing them inside. 

“Fighters then withdrew… having inflicted casualties on all members of the [Israeli] force, leaving them dead, wounded, or captured, and seizing their military equipment,” Abu Obeida said. 

This is the first time the Palestinian Resistance has released details of an operation where Israeli forces were seen taken captive by the Palestinian Resistance. 

Abu Obeida said that more details on the operation would be released later.

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