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Israel Targets Tents in Rafah, Decapitating Babies and Burning Dozens Alive

The Israeli regime has won yet another round of global condemnation by committing massacres in Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah, where more than 1.5 million displaced Palestinians are currently cramped together under inhumane conditions, even after the occupation entity claimed Rafah as a “safe zone.”

On Sunday, May 26, the Israeli army targeted the tents of displaced Palestinians that were set up in UNRWA warehouses in Southern Rafah.

State officials and international institutes immediately condemned the massacre, calling on the Israeli regime to stop its ongoing onslaught against the Palestinians that has now killed more than 35,500 people since Oct. 7 2023. 

The Israeli army bombed the area with over seven missiles and large bombs, each weighing more than a staggering 2000 pounds of explosives.  The relentless bombing resulted in the killings of dozens of Palestinians including decapitating babies and burning people alive, causing several injuries and an ongoing search for missing people. 

Fires raged across the tents while civil defense teams and ambulances struggled to reach them due to the severity of the bombing. 

The Gaza Civil Defense then revealed that it had transported at least 50 people, including those killed and injured.

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