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Palestinian Prisoner Who Suffered 60% Third Degree Burns Received No Medical Care in Israeli Prisons

Israa Ja’abis, a Palestinian Woman and mother who was sentenced to 11 years by the Israeli regime for an electrical system failure in her car which caught fire, was released following the truce between the Occupation and the Palestinian Resistance. 

Israa sustained first, second and third-degree burns on her face and all over her body, even losing 8 fingers. However, she received no medical care by the Zionist Regime following her arrest. 

The police officer who stopped her, accused her for using the propane tank to detonate her car at a checkpoint. The Israeli court, known for its long standing history of overlooking the Palestinian victims’ testimonies, announced a verdict based on the claims of the Israeli police only and sentenced Israa to 11 years in prison for attempted murder, a claim Israa denied. 

Her husband at the time also met with an accident, leaving him wheel-chair bound, and compelled their only son to live with his grandmother. 

60% of her body was already burnt, yet the Israeli Prison System failed to give her adequate medical treatment despite the agonizing pain. 

Eight of her fingers were also amputated and the burns that latched her underarm skin together made it difficult for her to even lift her arms. Her right ear is almost gone and she suffers from constant inflammation.

A report further stated that Israa’s nose formed a gaping hole on one side from the burns which compels her to mostly breathe through her mouth.

Other than the physical pain, Israa suffers from nervous breakdowns, shock, and severe psychological crises. During her 8 year imprisonment, her son was only allowed to see her once, but still considered her beautiful and loved her dearly.

In a book by Ramzy Baroud titled ‘These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons’ Israa’s sister Mona Ja’abis wrote “my heart breaks for Israa, my tall, slender, sister with a beautiful face, the lovely one whose hands were always adorned with henna. In her we saw hope, strength and beauty. The harshness of the occupier scarred her face and body, amputated her fingers and is relentlessly trying to break her spirit. I will never forget when a journalist asked her across the courtroom, as she sat surrounded by armed Israeli officers: “Are you in pain?” She raised whatever remained of her hands and answered: “No pain is like mine.”

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