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Barcelona Mayoress Suspends Relations with Israeli Regime

One of the Palestinian child prisoners, Yasser Za’imieh, was released following the pause agreement between the Israeli Regime and the Palestinian Resistance.

The liberated child prisoner Yasser Za’imieh, who was freed from the Zionist Occupation’s “Megiddo” prison stated that “The year I was in prison was difficult. They dealt with us with heavy violence and repression. On October 30th, they beat many prisoners. Prisoners died at their hands.”

He continued saying, “We learned from the news that three prisoners were martyred.” 

The interviewer then corrected him, mentioning that it was 6 prisoners, to which Yasser responded, “I didn’t know. There were others, young children, whose heads were split open by the beatings. Young children, 10 and 12 years old, were being beaten. They dealt with us with the most intense violence.

When asked about life behind bars as a child, he responded, “One plate of rice was given to eight prisoners. It was abnormal violence.”

Just like the other Palestinians who were documented, Yasser then thanked God and continued, “Praise be to God, the prisoners in ‘Megiddo’ are doing well, but they are going through the most difficult conditions, difficult to the maximum. 

He emphasized that the food was at the bare minimum. “Just dry rice. They don’t bring us meat, or fruit, or vitamins, or anything. We just had a mattress sheet and very thin sheets. We wake up cold at night, unable to sleep. We slept for just two or three hours…Since the war started, we have faced extremely difficult conditions. The prisoners in general are suffering,” he said. 

While Palestinian hostage prisoners continue to recall horrific encounters during their time in Israeli prisons, Israeli hostages who were released by the Palestinian Resistance seem composed and in good spirits, waving goodbye or being carried in the arms of the Resistance members during the exchange, a stark comparison to the plight of the released and kidnapped Palestinian prisoners.

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