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Barcelona Mayoress Suspends Relations with Israeli Regime

Barcelona City has officially suspended relations with the Israeli regime for as long as the occupation’s “genocide continues against the Gaza Strip.”

The council initiated the move on Friday November 24, 2023 citing a relevant declaration to “respect the basic rights of the Palestinian People.”

The Mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colau, as came to the decision following a campaign by more than 100 rights groups, hundreds of journalists, and 4,000 residents who signed petitions.

The Israeli regime has now killed over 14,854 Palestinians, including more than 6,150 children and 4,000 women, and injured over 36,000 others injured in the Israeli strikes.

Barcelona City’s Friday’s declaration heavily criticized all attacks on the civilian population alongside any “collective punishment, forced displacement, systematic destruction of homes and civil infrastructure as well as the blockade of energy, water, food, and medical supplies to the population of the Gaza Strip.”

The statement further mentions the hurdles to long-lasting peace are “the occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories,” and the “denial of rights” to the people.

Other revered members within Spain’s government such as the likes of former minister Lone Belarra have censured the “deafening silence” of her country. Belarra, was later removed from her ministerial portfolio following the criticism earlier this week where she took to X, formerly Twitter, saying that due to the criticism earlier in the week, she and her colleagues were “concerned” that the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s trip to the occupied territories earlier “could be used to whitewash Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a war criminal.”

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