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Palestinian Journalist Montaser Mustafa Al-Sawaf Killed by Israel Hours After Truce Ends

Palestinian Journalist, Montaser Mustafa Al-Sawaf, a photographer for Anadolu Agency, was kil.led earlier today on December 1 2023. This happened as soon as the extended temporary truce came to an end. 

The Israeli regime has now killed more than 70 journalists and stands in violation of International Law. Al- Sawaf was reportedly injured before the truce and was still recovering but chose to resume work only to be killed a few hours after he posted his last story on Instagram.

The Zionist Entity has also killed over 180 people in less than 24 hours after the aggression on Palestinians resumed. The victims are mostly women and children. 

In just seven weeks, the Israeli regime has kill.ed more journalists than the US did over 20 years in Vietnam.

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