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Imam Hussain Shrine Sends 16 Tons of Aid to Gaza

The Imam Hussain shrine in the Holy city of Karbala, Iraq has sent 16 tons of medical supplies and medicine to Occupied G.aza, as the onslaught by the Israeli regime resumes. More than 180 civilians have been killed, mostly women and children, since the temporary pause ended.

Gaza’s death toll has now reached a grim milestone, as they continue to battle air strikes across the city, as well as hunger, thirst, the spread of disease, crumbling infrastructure, and lack of medical aid, shelter and safe places. 

By delivering aid to Gaza in the wake of a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the strip, the Imam Hussain shrine sends a message that the adherents of the Imam Hussain a.s. stand with Palestine till the end. Imam Hussain a.s. is revered by millions of Muslims worldwide for his sacrifice and stance against injustice in Karbala, which many draw parallels to the injustices occurring in Palestine for the past 75 years.  

With Iraq still reeling from the devastating war by the US, waged by former president George W. Bush on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, the dispatching of tons of medical aid to the Gaza Strip sends a strong message in support of the growing Resistance movement.

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