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Ohio to Ban Gender Affirming Care for Minors in 90 Days

Ohio will ban gender-affirming care for minors and will even refuse transgender athletes from competing on girls’ and women’s sports time, overriding a veto and finalizing measures as law.

“The Ohio Senate deserves to be commended today for its commitment to protecting women and children,” Republican state Representative and bill sponsor Gary Click said in a statement, citing that the legislation protects “the civil rights issues of our day.”

The new law will be enforced in 90 days and will stop physicians from conducting gender reassignment surgery or prescribing puberty-blocking drugs.

It will further ban school districts, public universities and private colleges that endorse national athletics conferences from allowing trans women to participate in women’s sports.

Allowing underage youngsters to transition to a gender they prefer has been a controversial issue in the US. Lawmakers in several states have introduced bills to stop children from receiving gender-affirming care in recent years, and 22 other states reportedly passed such bans.

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