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Egyptian Journalist Rania Al-Assal Kidnapped During Hajj in March Released from Saudi Prison

Rania al-Assal, an outspoken journalist and firebrand human rights activist who has criticized the US-backed Saudi War on Yemen and the Israeli Regime’s occupation of Palestine, has been released from Saudi prison after spending time there for nearly a year.

News about her disappearance and then incarceration in Saudi Arabia surfaced during her Hajj pilgrimage last March in the holy city of Mecca.

“I was released from Saudi prisons. I was not subjected to any physical or psychological harm,” she said in a post on X, vowing to continue to fight for her beliefs.

After her untimely disappearance, it was evident that she was arrested by Saudi Arabia’s security forces and transferred to an undisclosed location. 

Prior to her arrest, the Egyptian journalist had called out Saudi authorities on Twitter, asking them to rename one of the gates of the Grand Masjid al-Haram Mosque that encircles the holiest site for Muslims, the Holy Kaaba. 

“Did anyone from the family of Bani Saud (the kingdom’s ruling family) build the Kaaba, or even participate in the destruction of the idols around it, or even its liberation,” al-Assal asked in a post on X, formerly Twitter. 

She even condemned the Kingdom and its close ally the UAE, for their US backed war on Yemen that started in 2015 and kil.led more than 320,000 Yemenis.

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