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Muslim Watch As Their Homes Get Razed In Jahangirpuri, India

Photo: AP/Altaf Qadri

Attacks on the Muslim minority ensue in India’s capital New Delhi, as bulldozers ram over the residential area of Jahangirpuri. The neighborhood houses a large number of Muslim families, citing that parts of the area are unauthorized colonies. This comes in the wake of several commutant clashes in many parts of the country.

Critics state that the recent rise in the small-scale clashes between the Muslims and Hindus are ignited by the BJP, the ruling political party led by PM Narendra Modi, to further coerce the 200 million Muslims residing in India.

Many homes in the central state of Madhya Pradesh and the Western state of Gujrat were torn down in the aftermath of the violence. Both states are ruled by the BJP party.

Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave condemned the Jahangirpuri demolitions in the Supreme court stating that there 731 unauthorized colonies in Delhi alone. Yet, he says, they chose to pick one colony because they are targeting that specific community. He further lashed out at the police and civil authorities mentioning how they are bound by the constitution and not by the orders of a BJP leader.

The supreme court housing a 3-judge panel, later ruled out against the demolitions calling on the police to halt the leveling of structures in the Jahangirpuri residential area; a home to many low-income Muslim families. The court also issued a stay order which followed a petition mentioning the failure of warning local shopkeepers ahead of time. The stay order is effective till the scheduled hearing.

Scores of people have been visibly affected by the demolitions as they scrambled to save whatever little remained from the rubble. A small boy was filmed collecting coins from his father’s ruined shop while several frustrated residents were seen shouting at the police for being racists.

The fear is intensifying within the minority Muslim community in India who are living on the edge in worry for their safety.

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  • Zamena Manekia Manji

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