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McDonalds Malaysia Sues BDS for $1.3 Million Over Calls for Boycott

Mc’Donalds Malaysia has reportedly sued  pro-Palestinian BDS for $1.3 million over demands to boycott companies supporting the IsraelI Regime. 

In a statement, the fast-food giant said the civil suit against BDS Malaysia was targeted at protecting “our rights and interests in accordance with the law.”

McDonald’s also added that it “does not support nor condone the current conflict in the Middle East.”

“While we understand and respect that the act of boycotting is an individual decision, we believe that it should be based on facts and not false allegations,” McDonald’s said.

McDonald’s Malaysia is seeking six million Malaysian Ringgit in damages for defamation, according to media reports. 

BDS Malaysia took to social media to clarify the allegation and said “we categorically deny this” alleged defamation.

BDS Malaysia is part of the global Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, which was initiated by Palestinian Civil Society organizations in 2005.

Following the Israeli Regime’s onslaught in the Gaza Strip which has now killed more than 21,507 in a span of 86 days, BDS Malaysia strengthened calls for Malaysians to boycott Western brands.

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