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Yemen Vows that US Will Pay Price for Sinking Three Yemeni Naval Boats

Yemen’s Armed Forces have vowed that the US will pay the price for its deadly attack on Yemen boats. On Dec. 31, the US Navy helicopters killed 10 Yemeni Armed Forces by sinking three Yemeni naval boats in the Red Sea, a likely retaliation from Yemen’s Pro-Palestine Maritime War that has disrupted the Israeli Regime’s economy. 

The Yemeni navy fighters were reportedly killed while “performing their humanitarian and moral duty” by preventing Israeli-linked ships heading to the Israeli ports from navigating through the Red Sea, “in solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.”

Since the beginning of the Israeli Regime’s onslaught in Gaza which has now killed more than 21,000 people in a span of 86 days, Yemeni armed forces have tackled over 15 commercial ships heading towards the Occupation entity and ships whose owners have links to “Israel.” According to the Yemeni Armed Forces, the maritime war is an attempt to halt “Israel’s aggression on the Palestinian territory.

A statement from the Yemen Armed forces said “The Yemeni armed forces, while bleeding in the midst of the battle to support the Al-Aqsa Flood, accept these martyrs for the sake of Palestine and confirm that the American enemy bears the consequences of this crime and its repercussions.”

The Statement further claimed that Yemeni naval forces “succeeded in carrying out a military operation targeting the Maersk Hangzhou container ship, which was heading to the ports of occupied Palestine, with appropriate naval missiles.”

US aggression against Yemen’s Armed Forces follows shortly after the UK military braces to launch a number of airstrikes against Yemen. 

“Under the plans the UK would join with the US and possibly another European country to unleash a salvo of missiles against pre-planned targets, either in the sea or in Yemen itself,” where the Ansarallah-led Yemeni armed forces are based,” London Media Sources reported.

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