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Largest Shipping Company Maersk Halts Red Sea Operations for 48 Hours after Maritime Attack

One of the World’s largest shipping companies, Maersk, has officially announced that it was suspending its vessels navigating through the Bab al Mandab Strait in the Red Sea for 48 hours. 

The announcement came a few hours after one of its container vessels was attacked by a missile attack and gunfire. 

The vessel however was undamaged in that attack and “was able to continue its transit north,” said Maersk.

The US military then claimed that an American destroyer gunned down two anti-ship ballistic missiles, reportedly fired from Yemen as it responded to a call for help from the container ship that was attacked in a separate strike.

Maersk reported that the vessel was then attacked by four ships which “engaged fire in an expected attempt to board the vessel.”

“In light of the incident — and to allow time to investigate the details of the incident and assess the security situation further — it has been decided to delay all transits through the area for the next 48 hours,” the Maersk statement mentioned.

The Yemeni Armed forces have officially waged a Pro-Palestine Maritime war against any ships heading to the Israeli Regime or ships owned by the occupation entity. Yemen’s Ansarallah stated that their actions are in solidarity with Occupied Palestine over the Israeli Regime’s onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip that has now killed more than 21,500 people.

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