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Israel’s Yoav Gallant Disagrees with National Security Minister, Refuses to Rebuild Settler Area

Yoav Gallant, Israeli Regime’s former military officer, has rejected plans to rehabilitate the Otaf Aza (“Gaza Envelope”) settlements” much to the dismay of Israeli regime’s national security Minister Ben Gvir, who called it an “unprofessional decision.” 

Evidence since October 7, 2023 has also surfaced recently, showing how the Israeli regime’s army killed many of its own settlers that fateful day. 

Gallant’s decision has raised questions amongst critics who wonder whether the Israeli regime ever cared for the envelope’s settlers or had they bombed the entire area to ease its own financial and geographical burdens. Flattening the area would presumably save the Regime the hassle of funding their own unemployed colonial settlers, according to critics. 

The Israeli settlers from Gaza’s Envelope were reportedly outraged when the Regime refused to rebuild their settlements, following reports that the rehabilitation would require more than $800 million in expenses

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