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Somali Pirates Seized Israeli Tanker ‘Central Park’, Not Yemen’s Armed Forces

Even though multiple reputable sources said Yemen Armed Forces were behind the seizure of the third Israeli Ship, TMJ’s Yemen Correspondent said that this was “false,” and a “game being played by the United States and has not been claimed by Ansarallah.”

The Pentagon has also confirmed that Somali pirates seized the Israeli Regime’s tanker ‘Central Park’ in the Gulf of Aden. “We are continuing to assess the situation, but preliminary indications are that these five individuals are Somali,” Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said Monday evening. “Clearly a piracy related incident,” he added.

A U.S Navy warship allegedly responded to an emergency call on Sunday, November 27th from the chemical tanker ‘Central Park’. The attackers were further taken aboard the U.S warship ‘Mason’, as reported by the U.S military. 

Following a number of maritime threats and attacks in the Red Sea waters since Israeli aggression on Gaza, it was initially assumed that ‘Central Park’ was also seized by the Yemeni Resistance ‘Ansarallah’, who have officially waged war with the Israeli Apartheid Regime and have even compelled Israeli ships to reroute, costing Israeli shipping companies millions in losses.

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