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Israel Kidnaps More Palestinian Hostages after Releasing Hundreds for PR

The Israeli regime has reportedly arrested another 133 Palestinians shortly after releasing 150.

In Ramallah, occupied West Bank, Israeli Occupation Forces have persistently arrested dozens of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Resistance on the other hand reportedly released 69 prisoners, 51 Israelis and 18 from varying nationalities. 

“As long as there is occupation, the arrests will not stop. People must understand this because this is a central policy of occupation against Palestinians and to restrict any kind of resistance,” said Amany Sarahneh, spokesperson for the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

“This is a daily practice – it’s not just after October 7,” she added. “We actually expected more people to be arrested during these four days.”

The truce, which was put into effect 51 days after the Israeli regime’s aggression against the Gaza Strip, killed over 15,000 ( some reports state a staggering 20,000 people accounting for those missing under rubble) mostly women and children.

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