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Israel’s Port Sees 85% drop in Activity Following Yemen’s Maritime War

The Israeli Regime’s Eilat Port has seen a staggering 85% drop in activity since the Yemen Armed Forces waged its  pro-Palestine maritime war against all ships crossing the Red Sea to the occupation entity. 

The Yemen Armed forces have caused several ships to re-route towards the Cape of Good Hope costing millions of dollars in losses as major companies such as BP and Maersk who had to add 12 extra days to their voyages after ceasing to cross into the Red Sea. 

Eilat reportedly handles car imports and potash exports coming from the dead sea, and is also adjacent to Jordan’s only coastal access point at Aqaba. This allows the Israeli regime to enter the East without having to navigate the Suez Canal.

Without Bab al-Mandab “you close the main shipping artery to Eilat Port. And therefore we lost 85% of total activity,” CEO Gideon Golber said.

The Yemeni Resistance’s maritime war is causing major disruption in the seas. The country’s remarkable resilience despite still reeling from a devastating US-backed Saudi led war on the country has won praises from pro-Palestinians across the globe.  

“If God forbid, the coalition countries and Israel lag in finding a solution for the Houthis, unfortunately we will likely have to furlough workers,” he said, adding that a small number would be required to service any ships that do arrive.” Golber added.

The Israeli regime’s onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip has now killed more than 19,000 people, and while 153 countries probed for an immediate ceasefire, Yemen and Lebanon are the only countries militarily supporting the Palestinian nation.

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