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Cocomelon Faces Backlash for Featuring a Boy in Tiara with Two Gay Dads

The popular toddler animation series Cocomelon has faced severe backlash for featuring a boy dressed up in a tiara and skirt to dance for his two fathers. 

The show, Cocomelon Lane, was released on Netflix last month but drew the attention of viewers on Wednesday December 20, 2023. The point of contention was that the show featured a gay couple helping their toddler son choose an outfit for a photo. The clip which was later posted on Youtube, shows the three of them singing along to a song called “Just be you” while the son tried on firefighter and chef outfits. 

“Something that we know about you, you like to get up and dance,” the two dads sing. “How about you break out those moves, for your two biggest fans?”

The Cocomelon franchise is overwhelmingly popular on Youtube with a few of their videos surpassing two billion views. Their youtube channel has over 169 million subscribers. 

However, Cocomelon is not the first show seeking to expose LGBTQ content to very young children. Rubble & Crew, a spin-off of the Paw Patrol show, featured a non-binary character. Peppa Pig has also featured a lesbian couple in one of their episodes.

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