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Army of 300 Lawyers Mobilize to Prosecute Israel for War Crimes

300 lawyers hailing from different nationalities and religions across the globe have joined forces in volunteering to prosecute the Israeli regime for its war crimes against the Palestinian people. 

A French lawyer, Maitre Gilles Defer, initiated the mobilization of an army of lawyers within 10 days.

Defer confirmed that the list consists of 300 lawyers and 3000 more can be mobilized, citing the door to join the cause is open to anyone.  

Defer then said “we submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor on behalf of associations and unions committing genocide, and the Palestinian issue will be presented in all national and international courts,“ adding that the ‘’governments can do something.”

Several French ambassadors to the Middle East have also expressed their remorse over the pro-Israel stance taken by the French President Emmanuel Macron in the Israeli Regime’s war on Gaza that has now killed more than 19,000 people. According to local media, ‘’Paris is complicit in Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip by exporting arms to Tel Aviv.

The government has also reportedly issued permits to export weapons to the occupation entity worth a staggering 375 million euros, including roughly 10 million for the manufacture of other weaponry as well. 

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