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Israeli Iron Dome Malfunctions, Missiles Plummet Back to Israel

Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system has reportedly malfunctioned and instead attacked sites in Tel-Aviv after missiles missed targets on the besieged Gaza Strip, and instead hit houses and hospitals in Tel-Aviv.

The Iron dome defense system is tailored to shield the Israeli entity against “incoming short-range weapons, stopping them from reaching their intended targets” and was captured lighting up Tel Aviv’s sky at night with “interceptor missiles” which appeared as a loop in the sky and plunged into Tel Aviv, damaging property. 

Israel did not report any fatalities following the malfunction. According to a report, Israel has at least ten Iron Dome batteries placed around their territory to protect their own people and critical infrastructure. Each battery has the capacity to defend roughly 60 square miles of land. They are even wired to neutralize threats launched from 43 miles away. 

From 2011 to 2021, the United States contributed a total of US $1.6 billion to the Iron Dome defense system, with another US$1 billion approved by the US Congress in 2022.

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