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Cancer Hospital Bombed By Israel for the Second Time

The Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, the only medical center for cancer patients in Gaza, was attacked for the second time causing severe damage and even disrupting some electro-mechanical work systems which gravely affect the lives of patients and crews. 

The second attack on the Turkish hospital comes days after the first attack which damaged critical equipment and endangered the lives of those seeking medical care. Turkey heavily condemned Israel’s attack on multiple hospitals in Gaza as violations of international law.

“It is inexplicable for such an attack to take place given all the necessary information, including the coordinates of the institution in question, which is the only cancer hospital in Gaza, was shared with Israeli authorities in advance,” Turkey’s foreign ministry said in a statement on X. 

“The siege in Gaza, aimed at depriving the Palestinian people of their most basic rights, and these inhumane attacks, clearly violate international law,” the statement added. 

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