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America to Send Additional $320 Million Weapons Package to Israel

The US government has officially sent a notification to congressional leaders for a whopping $320 million transfer of “precision bombs” to Israel in the wake of the regime’s escalating war on Palestine now entering its second month.

The weapons will reportedly be transferred by the US subsidiary of Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems – known as Rafael USA – to be utilized by the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories, with Washington supporting the bill.

“The plan also includes the provision of support, assembly, testing, and other technology related to the weapons use,” the Wall Street Journal stated. 

Despite the Death toll in Gaza now surpassing 10,000 civilians, most of them women and children, the US still proceeded to restock the Israeli arsenal with their own supply. 

Official figures have further confirmed that at least one child is killed every 10 minutes by the Israeli Occupation army. 

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has even warned that Gaza is “becoming a graveyard for children,” adding that “the nightmare in Gaza is more than a humanitarian crisis. It is a crisis of humanity.” 

The UN however, has repeatedly failed to stop the Israeli regime from committing war crimes against the Palestinians. 

While the US gears towards supporting the Israeli regime in acts of violence against the Palestinians, a large number of American citizens in the country are visibly furious at their government for aiding Israel. 

Hundreds of US protesters were recently captured blocking military supply vessels carrying weapons to the Israeli entity from leaving the designated ports. Protesters have also rallied in various cities across the country demanding for the US government to stop supporting Israel.

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