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Hundreds of Illegal White Phosphorus Bombs Thrown into Gaza Overnight

Israel Occupation Entity has once again breached humanitarian laws by dropping hundreds of illegal white phosphorus bombs into the besieged Gaza strip in just one night.  

According to the World Health Organization, white phosphorus is usually utilized by militants to “illuminate battlefields, generate a smokescreen and as an incendiary.”

“It is also very difficult to extinguish white phosphorus since it is known to stick on surfaces like skin and clothing. It’s a deadly weapon and can cause life threatening burns penetrating even through bones and can also reignite after treatment. It is also harmful to the eyes, throat and mouth.”

Ministry spokesman Iyad al-Bazm confirmed that the Israeli regime “had used more white phosphorus munitions against civilians in Gaza over the past two days compared to a routine reported since October 7 when the regime started its aggression against the territory.”

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