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Israel Kills More than 210 Palestinians, Injures over 400 in a Quest to Recover Four Israeli Hostages

The Israeli regime carried out yet another horrific massacre on the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza, killing more than 210 Palestinians and injuring over 400, including several women and children, while recovering only four Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian Resistance.

Multiple airstrikes targeted civilian homes in Nuseirat camp.

Bodies of those killed and injured were transported to the hospital with animal drawn and private vehicles due to the Israeli regime relentlessly bombing ambulances leading to a massive shortage of the life saving ambulances, with several injured awaiting transportation.

According to media sources in Gaza, an Israeli special force had infiltrated Nuseirat Camp and once caught by the Palestinian Resistance, confrontations escalated. The source then claimed that it was “the discovery of the force that led to this heavy Israeli shelling and the massacre in the camp.”

People seeking shelter and refuge in Nuseirat camp have been heavily targeted over the last few days with the IOF committing multiple massacres against Palestinians.

People in Nuseirat camp have been relentlessly targeted over the past few days, as the IOF has committed a number of massacres against Palestinian civilians in the camp. 

Simultaneously, an American unit in Israel backed the IOF to recover the four hostages in the central Gaza strip, who were held by the Palestinian Resistance. They were all in good health, while hundreds of Palestinans were murdered and injured by the Israeli regime.

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