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Samsung Encounters First Walkout by Thousands of Employees

Tech Giant Samsung witnessed a massive first walkout by its workers union in South Korea, hinting a rise in assertiveness among employees in the wake of the conglomerate’s race to “catch up in chips used in artificial intelligence.”

The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), comprising around 28,000 members and making up over a fifth of Samsung’s workforce, revealed that it would stop working for a day in a quest to demand better pay. 

The walkout may not impact semiconductor production shipments but will likely add pressure on Samsung Electronics as it seeks to gain AI which leads to strain a gap in contract chip manufacturing with Taiwan’s TSMC. 

“The purpose of today’s strike action is to have meaningful conversation with management,” NSEU official Lee Hyun-kuk told Reuters. 

He claimed the union was preparing further action on Friday, Samsung Electronics said there was no impact on production or business activity. 

“We have sincerely engaged with the union and will continue talks with them,” said a company official.

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