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Israel Implemented Mass Hannibal Directive on October 7, Colonel Says

In a recent testimony of an IDF soldier on Keshet 12 News, she says that she was ordered to shoot even when she protested that Israeli civilians could be inside. 

Col. Nof Erez, of the Israeli Air Force Israeli Air Force (reserve) also describes that on October 7, the Hannibal directive was in effect where Israeli commanders were ordered to kill their own soldiers to prevent them from being taken captive.

Col. Erez discussed how Israeli pilots opened fire on multiple places along the border fence to prevent a hostage situation, killing both Resistance fighters and Israeli civilians. This secret directive allows Israeli occupation forces to kill their own to prevent them from being taken hostage. 

Tanks and Apache attack helicopters shot at anything that moved, including its own civilians, on multiple instances. Col. Erez says the move was “intentional.”

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