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Is the Latest Truce a Ceasefire or a Humanitarian Pause?

Following the Israeli Regime’s aggression on the Gaza Strip that claimed the lives of over 14,500 people since October 7th, a humanitarian pause was put into effect for four days, with another two day extension announced today. News outlets worldwide have called the truce a 4-day “ceasefire” while others strongly disagree, citing a 4 day pause as “merely a small bandage in a very big wound.”

The UN defines a humanitarian pause as a  “temporary cessation of hostilities purely for humanitarian purposes.” Such pauses are primarily restricted to a specific area where humanitarian actions are put into effect.

The statement released by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, is rather vague on the exact geography of the announced pause, but is “subjected to being extended if further negotiations succeed.”

The UN defines a ceasefire as a “suspension of fighting agreed upon by the parties to a conflict, typically as part of a political process,” with the goal being to “allow parties to engage in dialogue, including the possibility of reaching a permanent political settlement.”

The Israeli regime’s notorious Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the war against Hamas would resume after the truce expires. “We are at war, and we will continue the war … until we achieve all our goals,” he said.

“A humanitarian pause is nothing but a small bandage on an open wound and a way to draw this horror out longer,” Ibrahim Muhtadi, an artist from Gaza, said in a statement. “What good is a humanitarian pause for aid if the killing doesn’t stop?” he wrote.

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