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Israel and Palestine Agree on Ceasefire in Wake of Israeli Bombings

Last week, Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement, the Islamic Jihad group, declared a truce seeking to end a brutal three days of Israel bombings of Gaza, that led to the killings of 44 people, 6 children and wounding 350 Palestinians

Both sides have agreed to halt the fighting but have warned that it would respond should violence erupt again. 

Friday 5th August 2022 witnessed a rather intense bombing in Gaza from Israel, with buildings crumbling to the ground and destroying refugee camps across Palestinian lands. 

The Israeli military defended their attacks citing that they were targeting members of the Islamic Jihad group but according to Palestinian officials, almost half of those killed were civilians. Islamic Jihad responded by firing hundreds of rockets, but most of them were either intercepted or blown up. Only three people were wounded by shrapnel and 31 were lightly hurt according to the Israeli Emergency Service. 

This bombardment was one of the deadliest since last year which saw attacks that went on for 11 days and killed over 250 people. The truce on Sunday was enforced by Egypt with the backing of the United Nations and Qatar. 

The secretary of Lebanon’s resistance movement’s Sayed Hassan Nasrallah stated that the Palestinian resistance’s successful defensive operations during Israel’s recent offensive strikes left Tel Aviv with no choice but to accept the truce. 

Israel has demolished the homes of two Palestinian detainees and displaced 14 people in the process. According to Palestine’s official news channel, Wafa News Agency, Israeli forces raided the town of Rumanna, northwest Jenin, earlier on Monday. 

They razed the homes of the two detainees to rubble, inmates Assad Yousef al Rifai and Subhi Imad Sbeihat’s families were left watching their homes reduced to pieces. 

The two inmates have been detained since May by the Israeli regime after accusing them of being involves in a stabbing attack in the city of Bnei, east of Tel Aviv. Dozens of locals also suffered from breathing problems following the attacks as the Israeli army fired teargas during the demolition. 

According to Palestine’s prisoner society, Israeli forces have killed 30 Palestinians, and detained 400 since the beginning of 2022. A total of seven houses of the families of prisoners have been demolished since January. 

Another 7000 prisoners are detained in Israel, further causing distress in a land that is suffering from decades of injustice.

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  • Zamena Manekia Manji

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