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I Am a Woman Living in Iran and the Protests are Ruining our Lives

It has been a few days since the unrest in Iran began following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody. The mainstream media is flooded with claims that Mahsa was beaten to death by the police and as a result, the Iranian women are protesting against the dress code law of the country and burning their headscarves. 

However, no media outlet will tell you that the CCTV footage and Mahsa’s medical reports show absolutely no signs of her being beaten by the police and that the “protesters” are pulling headscarves off women’s heads, attacking innocent civilians, setting public property, mosques and ambulances on fire, and killing police officers and civilians. 

As I write this, images of police officers that have been brutally stabbed to death, set on fire, and mercilessly beheaded by the barbaric protesters during the last three days of unrest flash before my eyes. The disturbing footages of civilians being beaten for no reason and veils being pulled off women’s heads fail to leave my mind. 

In the past two days, around sixty ambulances have been set on fire by the protesters, resulting in the death and injury of patients and medical personnel. Some female protesters have even reported being sexually harassed by male protesters. Unfortunately, no mainstream media outlet will cover these horrible events. 

These are difficult days for Iranians especially for those who wear the hijab and have a religious appearance. I happened to pass by one of these protests two nights ago. We were on the bridge while the protest was taking place underneath. We saw smoke rising on our left and masked men on bikes approaching the scene. I was terrified when a man got close to our car. The protesters had pulled a woman’s hijab the evening before and I feared the same fate for me. 

The next few minutes were spent in fear and silence as we quickly tried to leave the scene with three little kids. These are not peaceful protests. They are riots led by foreign-trained armed spies. Their aim is to instill fear among the Iranians. And the worst part is, mainstream media will not provide you with our side of the story.

I find it nearly impossible to believe that this is a protest for women’s rights and their right to choose what to wear. The protesters don’t seem to have any respect for basic human rights, let alone women’s rights.

Ironically, the foreign-based opposition figures that have been calling for protests consist of groups like MKO which is responsible for killing 17,000 innocent Iranians during the early days of the revolution.

The hypocrisy of the international community becomes more evident when it puts on an infuriating display of deafening silence regarding the hijab ban in India’s educational institutions, but carves an idol out of Amini and uses it to question Iran’s women rights record. 

It seems that the goal is to divide and destabilize Iran; the protest against the hijab law is simply a tool as it fits the liberal agenda to secularize Iran.

The truth is that Iran has been a target of massive propaganda since the 1979 Islamic revolution because Iran is the only power in the world that neither bows to the East nor the West and doesn’t serve their colonial and imperial agendas. 

Iran is the true symbol of revolutionary Islam, the true Muhammadan Islam that calls for rising up against oppression. Iran has consistently supported the Palestinian resistance with both words and actions. 

Therefore, Iran has been a target of carefully planned scenarios during the last 43 years with the goal of triggering unrest in the country, giving the mainstream media a chance to propagate Iranophobia by drawing global attention to the demands of a few protesters, while completely ignoring the millions who support and love their country.  

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