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Quds Day 2024: The Flood of Freedom

On the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, millions across the world rally in honor of the Palestinian cause and its right to resist against the illegal Israeli military occupation. What is the significance of such a day and why have people continued to gather year after year? 

The International Day of Al-Quds – or Jerusalem – takes place annually around the world in the form of protests, marches, and demonstrations. The objective of this day is to take a clear stance against worldwide oppression, specifically highlighting the Zionist usurpation of Palestine. Al-Quds Day demonstrates the unity, will, and power of those seeking justice in the face of world hegemons today.

Soon after the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, Imam Khomeini – the leader of the Islamic revolution – made the historical announcement of appointing the last Friday of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan as Al Quds Day. During this declaration, Imam Khomeini called on Muslims and justice seekers around the world to join forces in support of the oppressed, centralizing  the Palestinian cause. 

Al-Quds Day connects people around the world during the month of Ramadan–a time that represents spiritual growth and renewance–providing a God-centric and faith-based approach in the global struggle against oppression and injustice. It signifies the importance of how faith and action must go hand in hand. The declaration of Al-Quds Day marked the beginning of a strengthened resistance front against Zionist colonialism and US imperialism. 

At a time where many Muslim and Arab nations were normalizing relations with the settler entity out of fear from Western powers, this declaration gave strength to stand up for truth and justice, highlighting that those standing up against oppression will always be triumphant when relying on God alone. 

Following this declaration, resistance fronts across the regions mobilized  in the face of imperialist aggression, inspiring Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups, as well as those in Yemen and Iraq. Across Western nations, Muslims and justice seekers alike use Al-Quds Day as an example of power and resilience in the face of oppression and injustice.

Al-Quds Day, both upon its declaration and as an everlasting movement, continues to reveal those steadfast in the pursuit of truth, because the Palestinian cause is a paradigmatic example of a body resisting against an oppressive entity. The atrocities around the world are directly connected to their central struggle. This day highlights the united front from Palestine to Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran against the same imperialist-colonial agenda. Other nations such as Ireland, South Africa, Bolivia andVenezuela have also risen up to challenge the zionist narrative. People around the world, particularly in nations impacted by western imperialism, from Nigeria to Brazil also host large demonstrations on this day. Among western countries themselves, citizens demonstrate their opposition to their governments’  unwavering support of the “Israeli” regime from Germany to London, UK to even the streets of D.C.

The theme of Al-Quds Day 2024 is “The flood of freedom” because it arrives amid the Al-Aqsa Flood operation. This battle today represents the Palestinian right to self-determination and freedom, one of the overarching goals of Al-Quds Day. The strength and calculation of the Palestinian resistance as an independent entity has revealed itself to the global stage. 

The Al-Aqsa Flood distinguished those clear in supporting the Palestinian quest for liberation and those with empty slogans who continue to aid the genocidal Zionist entity with military, economic, and diplomatic cover. As the Al-Aqsa Flood began, the world erupted in support of Palestinian resistance and in condemnation of Israeli atrocities. People everywhere, including within Western nations, will not stand with the illegal settler entity. 

This year’s Al-Quds Day is an international outcry against the usurping Zionist regime.

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  • Sayyeda Fatima

    Sayyeda Fatima is an American current affairs writer who focuses on analyzing domestic and broader global politics from lenses not projected by Western media.

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