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International Court Rejects Ukraine Terrorism Case Against Russia

The ICJ issued a rather incriminating ruling in a case presented by Ukraine in 2017 that accused Moscow of being a “terrorist state.”

Additionally, Ukraine wanted Russia to compensate all civilians embroiled in the war, alongside the victims from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down, killing all passengers back in 2014.

The ICJ declined to rule on Russian responsibility for the shooting down of the plane in particular, and repeatedly dismissed most of Ukraine’s pleas, ruling that Russia was only “failing to take measures to investigate facts … regarding persons who have allegedly committed an offense.”

The court probed that only cash transfers could be considered as support for “terrorist” groups under the conditions of the “international convention on terrorism financing.” 

Thus, it “does not include the means used to commit acts of terrorism, including weapons or training camps,” the court added.

“Consequently, the alleged supply of weapons to various armed groups operating in Ukraine … fall outside the material scope of the ICSFT” convention, the ICJ said.

The 16-judge panel then ordered Russia to investigate any potential allegations of “terrorism” financing.

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